• Slickrims Wheel Sealant 100 ml

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Slick Rims is a NANO Technology rim sealant safe on alloy, steel, powder-coated, polished, diamond cut, and matte finish wheels.

The advanced coating takes only minutes to apply but lasts for months. It bonds into an extremely durable & smooth layer which instantly creates deep reflection and an ultra slick finish.

The protective nano technology coating means your wheels will be impenetrable to water, dust and grime. They shine for longer in between cleans as brake dust doesn’t adhere, also making them much easier to maintain without wheel cleaners.


Use a foam applicator to spread a thin layer of the coating onto the clean/dried surface, wait for it to haze and immediately buff it off, using a second cloth as a final finishing buff. DO NOT use wheel cleaners to maintain, this may strip the coating and they are simply not required. Simply wash with warm water or a ph balanced wheel shampoo such as SlickSuds. Treat your tyres with Slicks tyre products for SiO2 protection and super wet look gloss.

The pack includes;

  • 100 ml Slickrims
  • 2x 90ppi Foam Applicators
  • 4x White Wheel Stickers