• waxaddict Vitreo 200 ml

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An exotic blend of carnauba, motan, natural oils and wax esters that make a very special wax. A pleasure to apply, tough durability, extreme gloss, crystal water beading and ultra rapid sheeting.

This formula is so finely balanced it has to be hand crafted in small batches by the developer. The refined ingredients are weighed with extreme accuracy to ensure both ease of use yet tough durability. This attention to detail creates a highly natural & rich wax which is incredibly easy to spread, cures gently and is removed with minimal contact to reveal an elegant finish.

The gloss level will challenge the most respected concours wax regardless of price tag; reflections are highly defined, water sheeting is lively whilst water beads stand tall and glassy. Resistant to pH balanced shampoos, snow foams and TFR’s, Vitreo remains tough for months of “all weather” motoring.

Presented in our luxury black glass jars featuring the Carbon Fibre effect lid.


Apply the wax using a quality foam applicator and light pressure. The wax is extremely easy to spread so use sparingly to avoid over applying. Curing times vary from 6 minutes on a hot day and dark colour to over 16 minutes on a cold day. The wax is ready when it is no longer wet or oily. Use a quality microfibre cloth with light pressure to remove the wax and buff to a final finish.

Colour: None / Natural.

Scent: Sweet / Fruity

Carnauba Content: High, T1 Grade.