• WAXEDSHINE Envo QD+ 500 ml

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Waxedshine Envo QD+ is designed to clean, lubricate, seal, shine and protect paintwork. Using advanced body shop safe hydrophobic polymer technology, ENVO QD+ is more than just a quick detailer. With advanced cleansing abilities, ENVO QD+ cleans, lubricates, repels water, enhances the shine and adds additional protection to the finish. Safe on paint, rims, exterior glass and more.

Use Envo QD+ as a rinseless wash (7:1), clay lubricant (3:1), quick shine detailer (neat to 7:1), pad primer (7:1), final machine step (3:1) and polymer sealant (neat) between washes. Versatility in one bottle. Always work on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight. Spray a few mists onto the surface or a microfiber towel and buff using a second clean towel to a high gloss.