• World's Best Wax Auto Shampoo 12 oz

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“Auto Shampoo” was designed to gently remove dirt, grit, grime and contaminants from the vehicle’s painted surface. Special water based lubricants contained in the product prevents grit from scratching the surface during the hand washing process. A highly concentrated blend of natural cleaners and UV blockers condition and enhance the gloss of a painted surface.

Unlike most car wash soaps on the market that contain phosphates and alkalines which strip the wax finish from your vehicle, Auto Shampoo’s natural components help to maintain your original shine and finish.


Fill a 5 gallon bucket with cold water. Add two caps full of Auto Shampoo. With water pressure, create soap suds. Using a wool or synthetic wash mitt, apply Auto Shampoo to the surface of the vehicle starting from the top to bottom using a back and forth motion. Rinse completely for a streak free non-filming finish and dry with a synthetic chamois or micro-fiber towel.