• World's Best Wax Surface Cleanse 12 oz

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Surface Cleanse is a unique blend of non-abrasive cleaners that dramatically create the illusion of depth. Surface Cleanse removes light oxidation, old petroleum based waxes, silicone, pollution and minor swirl marks. Surface Cleanse is an essential step prior to waxing your vehicle. If the surface is not entirely cleansed your goal to achieve a perfect finish will be disappointing. Like putting cream on your face before cleaning your skin, paint has similar characteristics and forms build-up that needs to be removed prior to waxing.

Surface Cleanse is the secret to achieving that Concours finish without removing or damaging the paint finish with petroleum or silicon based cleaners.


Hand wash the exterior of the vehicle and dry well. Apply Surface Cleanse to the entire vehicle with a foam applicator in a back and forth motion. Buff by hand with a micro-fibre towel and you are ready for waxing.